My Top 10 Burger Joints in New York City!

Burgers in New York

I have traveled all over the world and have yet to have a burger anywhere better than the good old USA. If I was the chef representing the USA in a world competition, I would have to say that my choice of dish to go up against the many incredible dishes around the world, would have to be a burger with American cheese, fires and a cold American micro beer, perhaps a Brooklyn Lagger.

And to keep it fair, I would leave off the bacon.  If you add the bacon it just becomes a unfair fight really, in favor of the burger of course.  ; -)

My my top ten list (in no particular order)!

Corner Bistro -
In the West Village and great if you have been out on the town with the late night munchies. I love the character of the bar and vibe you get here. Dirt cheap beer, paper plates, long waits but super cool experience. Plus they fry their bacon and fries in the same frier - makes for some awesome fries!

Bowery street bistro with Dynamite Burgers. It's got a upscale bohemian style feel and with acoustics louder than the World Cup finals but there are 20 draft beers and over 75 in a bottle to choose from. 
The Old Homestead -
If you can afford it and want to have the most amazing sexual experience in your mouth, go here and get the mouth watering $40 Kobe Burger. Worth every penny!
Burger Joint-
The burgers here are greasy but the experience is very cool. It's in the Le Parker Meridien hotel and it's like you're going to a underground to secret burger joint. The experience is very cool and "Quintessential New York". 
Shake Shack -
Phenomenal burgers and an incredible experience during the summer evening with the sky and NY skyline above you.
Burgers are a bit small but then again you can always order double the patties. Don't forget to use the B line for getting a quick beer while you wait. 

Spotted Pig -
This is the place where you go to buy the fancy burger. It's loud, fancy,TON's of microbrews with the occasional celeberity spotting. It's very, very good. Why order a burger there? WHY NOT!

J.G Mellon -
Upper East side pub and some say this place has the best burgers in the city. No fuss with Killer Burgers that must be washed down with the old school cottage fries. 
PJ Clarks -
The cadillac of burgers! I mean how can you not like a place that used to be a famous saloon and one of NY's oldest bars. Sit at the bar with an ale! Much funner.
Minetta Tavern -
Old but fancy. It an old speakeasy where Hemingway, Eugene O'Neil and Dylan Thomas used to hang out. It is hard to get a reservation but the burgers are juicy! Go to the bar, easy to get a seat and fun. 

Oh, and don't forget the dill pickle on the side!

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