MONOLOGUE TIP: Stay in the moment

MONOLOGUE TIP: Stay in the moment.

Monologue tip from Karen Kohlhaas www.monologueaudition.comUnder the pressure of an audition - which often alters our sense of time - it is easy to "pop" quickly out of a monologue. This can destroy the effect of the whole audition, and will definitely feel abrupt and jarring to your auditors because it gives them no moment to process what they have just seen. In your rehearsals, practice staying in your story, playing your intention for a full count of three at the end (slightly quicker for comedy is okay). And then slowly float your eyes from your focus point to the eyes of your auditors, smile, and say a sincere thank you. Drill this with a partner. Do it for each other so that you can feel from the auditors' side how important it is that the actor "stays in" for those moments at the end. You will see how much staying in helps the auditors feel the impact of the story, and how it makes the actor seem strong and confident about the performance.