Robert Kaflin Play Reading: The Diamond Cutter

Slowing down in play readings
My second play performing with Robert Kaflin and the second time I played a German character with a German accent.  Play readings I find are hard in that you are kind of not walking and not running. Meaning you are on your feet almost like in a full production but you still have your script in your hand and usually have had only one day of rehearsal, maybe two.  So this makes it hard to really bring out your character intentions because your trying to act but your not really off books so at times you lose yourself technically in the script. Your like stuck between both worlds.
So I have found it is best to fully memorize what you have trouble saying and then use the script with what you feel more comfortable with. Your brain usually is able to perform more freely with what it is more comfortable with and your memory is even stronger.   It also helps to have a very kind and gifted director like Robert Kaflin.
And always,  listen to your instincts! Your body knows and if you have an idea, share it with the director, playwright and producer.  And slow down so that you don't trip over dialougue as acting sometimes can be like a huge dance in your mouth especially when doing a difficult accent like German. All ees gooot!