An Actors Job is to Practice!

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Actors Job is to Practice

This past weekend I saw a film that inspired me and re-enforced my beliefs as an actor. The movie is "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" The film centers around a Japanese word Shokunin - an individual who embodies the artisan spirit of the relentless pursuit of perfection through his craft. It is the craftsman’s spirit.

In order to be the best in your field, to reach the top of your craft, you MUST practice, practice and practice so more. "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice." Once you decide on your occupation, you have to immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work and never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skills as an actor and let that be the secret to your success.

Since I have grown more experienced as an actor, the more I practice, the more I keep coming back to simplest of choices to help me obtain success in my work. What I want in the scene and Why I want it? Why is that so important to my character?  

A Quote from the film- Ultimate simplicity leads to Purity. 

And simplicity comes only from practice. Personally, for me, I have noticed that when I work on monologues three to four times a month and work on two or three scenes in front of the camera a month, I book more work and feel more comfortable in front of auditors and in the audition room. When I practice more, I get faster with my craft. I am able to learn my lines quicker and I am able to see my character's wants and needs more easily.

Dancers practice, singers sing, artist paint and actors also need to practice. You can never practice enough and never be satisfied. Always trying to look ahead and improve your skills. I believe it was casting director Jay Binger in the film "Every Little Step" who said, the way you get to Broadway is by giving a Broadway audition!

Always, look ahead and about yourself and try to improv yourself. Love your craft so much, that becomes the goal. The spirit of Shokunin!

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